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MIPENNA is a very interesting narrative British style accessories brand. By the designer Law-Wing Ting (WING) was founded in 2002, MIPENNA jewelry designs every quarter to tell a different story, like the word "MIP" is Myth in Paradise, and "Penna is the design name in Latin" , so the concept of the brand is the myth in the designer mind. MIPENNA the unique design and amazing material known, and therefore attract a lot of the same story of people who have dreams. Star Academy such as Sammi Cheng, G.E.M. also worn the fashion accessories of MIPENNA.


Understand that in this materialistic world there are many people really want to meet some lovely & simple things, like in heaven, all the people and things are good. "Put anything on fashion or accessories can be good fun, care about how to match, there always have an unexpected effect." The relationship between art and design people, she believes people are always full of fantasy, have their own ideas and feelings. "Design" can put their feelings into a work, so that people will feel the wear of the unique character of this art, just as each person has a different story behind the character and the same.

So Wing have created a lovely girl surrealistic style-based brand of fashion accessories, MIPENNA.  
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